What are the benefits of test driving a motorcycle before you buy?

Just as you would expect to try out a car before you spent thousands, it makes sense that you would want to test drive a motorcycle before handing over your hard-earned money or signing that finance form. After all, it is highly likely that you are going to be spending hours at a time on your motorbike, so you will want to make sure that it suits your needs, be it comfort, power, speed, style or economy.

However, it is unfortunate that dealers of new and pre-owned motorcycles have been ‘duped’ one too many times by people who are not in fact, serious buyers and merely want the opportunity to have a free joyride. This has resulted in the majority of dealers refusing to allow anyone to take a motorbike on a test drive.

If you are planning on buying a used motorcycle, you will probably only be able to start up the motorbike outside and engage the gears. You may be lucky enough to find an independent shop that allows you to take your chosen bike out for a little while, but you will need to leave proof of insurance and a deposit. As for main dealerships, the only way you will get to ‘try before you buy’ is on their demo bikes. You will need to be aware of their minimum age requirements, as a lot of dealer insurance will only cover over 25s or over 21s, depending on the motorbike. You will also have to leave identification and your driving licence with them. If you’re lucky, you will have 30 minutes to test drive the motorcycle you like.

That’s not long enough!

As all keen riders are aware, a motorcycle is not simply a vehicle to get us from A to B. Motorbikes are a passion; the rush and the freedom is addictive and our love of them is what bonds bikers together across the world.

Plus modern motorbikes are much more than two wheels, an engine and gears; take for example the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Granturismo. With the strapline ‘ready to ride the world’ the S Granturismo embodies the touring spirit, with the Ducati Skyhook Suspension, 73-litre panniers and top case combining with the classic Multistrada to create a truly ergonomic, touring-orientated bike. It has four pre-set Riding Modes, which have been programmed to instantly change the riding parameters and engine character of the Ducati Multistrada 1200. This type of technology cannot be picked up and experienced in just 30 minutes. And with a price tag starting at £16,800, it’s certainly not a decision that can be made quickly or lightly.

So it stands to reason that you will want more time than the main dealers are willing to give you. So what is the alternative?

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