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Ride The Bike Of Your Dreams
SEB Magazine Issue 26 p1

Google superbike rental and top of the list is, a company based near Brentwood in Essex. The internet ranking reflects the professionalism of the business. We arranged with Mark Coventry, the owner, to take out a couple of his machines and have a chat about is business. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we turned up to be honest, the website is very well put together and informative, but this doesn’t always reflect the reality of a business. However in the case of Superbike Rental, what see you see on the internet is a great guide to the business and what they offer. As we all know, there are bike rental companies that have machines that have been used and abused. This is definitely not the case with these guys. The company is based in the countryside not far from Brentwood. When we pulled up at the unit we were immediately impressed by the premises. Its clean and organised, a good sign that the bikes are well looked after. We met up with Mark, had a coffee and chatted about his business and bikes in general. He has a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the motorbikes that really comes across. They are not just machines that are there to make money, Mark treats them all as his own bikes (which they are in effect!) and we all know how much we care for own machines. Superbike Rental offer a wide range of motorbikes; sports, adventure, touring, restricted and learner machines. They all have one thing in common, they are all immaculately prepared, serviced and spotlessly clean. There’s certainly a bike to suit all requirements. Mark showed us over the bikes, made sure we were happy with the controls and settings, and checked with us that we were happy with the condition of the machines. Excellent service. This is more than just a bike rental outfit though. Superbike Rental offer a delivery and collection service, including airport pick up. If you want to tour Europe, Mark can supply the motorbike, luggage, breakdown cover and machine replacement. You can rest assured your bike will be up to the job and if there are any issues they will be addressed. No wonder their customers come from all over the world on a regular basis. Superbike Rental can supply motorbikes for TV, films, special events and weddings. So, why rent a bike? How many bikers have you come across who have bought a bike and a couple of months later decide it’s not what they hoped it would be. Personally, I know loads. And how much have these guys lost in depreciation? Again, loads! So, if you are seriously in the market for an expensive investment, why not take out a bike for two or three days? Give it a proper shakedown on a variety of roads. Find out if it’s comfortable after three hours in the saddle. Can you carry enough luggage? Does it look cool? You could save a costly mistake and still have a great time as well. Maybe you are going on a trip and want to try something different for a week. Maybe you want a couple of days on a bike you have no intention of ever buying as a treat. How about an alternative to a track day? All this is possible with Superbike Rental. They even do gift vouchers…what a treat for a fellow biker. The website is the hub of Superbike Rental’s business and all the information including pricing is on there. It all very clear and transparent, no hidden extras. Take a look and Rent the Dream! So what did we take out? Debbie had a beautiful Repsol Fireblade and a huge grin on her face all day. I rode the Ducati Multistrada 1200, a fabulous motorbike once I had figured out how to fire it up! Luckily I had Debbie to help. Many thanks indeed to Mark and the staff at Superbike Rental, not only for their friendliness and knowledge, but for running a motorcycle business that sets the bar high and shows that the highest standards and service works successfully, particularly in these tough times.

Reported by Nick Tunstill, South East Biker.

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