⚠️ Insurance Alert!! ⚠️

When Renting from other Motorcycle Rental / Hire Companies, please check what your insurance Liabilities are before you book!

We have been made aware that there are other Motorcycle Rental companies that have


And they only have third party insurance cover. This means that while the motorcycle is on hire to you, if the motorcycle is stolen or damaged beyond economical repair you are liable for the whole cost of the loss!   

That is not good!

Rent from us with confidence!

We have full Comprehensive insurance cover including theft. Your maximum liability with us is your deposit / insurance excess. Whilst it may be unlikely that the bike will be stolen or damaged, It can and does happen.

To clarify, if the bike you have Rented from us is damaged beyond economical repair or stolen, you will only be liable for your deposit.

You would have to be crazy to Rent from elsewhere!

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