Tour around the UK and Scotland

This epic 12 day, 1850 mile adventure touring across the length and breadth of England and Scotland will have you visiting some of the most spectacular sights the UK has to offer and will guarantee you with stories to tell for years to come.

An adventure not to miss, starting in Essex and heading to Lincoln the home of the World War 2 Bouncing Bomb, following on to the rich and extraordinary sights of the Yorkshire Moors where you can listen to the tales of the Yorkshire Ripper. Ride on up through Kielder Forest then onto the Scottish capital of Edinburgh to see this stunning metropolis and cultural hub. From here we take you on a journey to Inverness where if you are lucky, you may get to see the great Loch Ness Monster!

Upwards and onwards we reach the peak of Scotland and the furthest most point of the Island as we travel through the incredible Scottish Highlands and experience the amazing views. Taking in Smoo Cave, Applecross as well as many more exciting sights before we head south to the Lake District, Lake Windermere and the Yorkshire Dales.

This tour is a once in a lifetime experience, exploring vast and diverse landscapes and thrilling roads and is sure to answer any call for adventure. With Superbike providing you all you need and an extensive range of luxury motorbikes to choose from, this really is a whirlwind tour never to be forgotten!

Our tours are all about freedom, excitement and memories.  We are here to take the stress out of planning the logistics and to share our experience and knowledge with you. We will not totally control your ride - if you want the freedom to explore on route you have it.

Superbike provide you with route, itinerary, maps and GPS routes so you can choose to ride with the group or independently at your pace, so free to stop whenever you want and see whatever you want. The Tour Leader who will set a leave time each day so you can join the group. You can ride with them every day or swap and change what you want to do each day.  We do ask you to inform your guide if you are not joining the group at any time, so we do not send out the search party for you. You are not compelled to ride in a line behind the Tour Leader at a pace set by the steadiest rider. You have freedom to choose the most enjoyable and safest way that suits you.

Unlike other motorcycle tour companies we do not include all of your food in the tour price. We do not want to take away your freedom.  If we decide where you are eating every night then you don’t get to discover a great little restaurant with a couple of friends; if we plan your every lunch stop then we must all be riding together like sheep at one pace. Travelling with Superbike Tours gives you the freedom to be independent but also the chance to share the journey with friends – you choose.

The group will have a support vehicle.  This can carry your spare bag, however its primary purpose is to provide mechanical and personal support if needed in the event of a breakdown or fall. We would still advise you to carry your daily luggage on the bike as the van could get delayed dealing with an incident.

We look forward to riding with you!