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Motorcycle Tours

Embrace your motorcycle adventure with SUPERBIKE RENTAL - NOW partnered for tours exclusively with Magellan Motorcycle Tours


Magellan is a specialist and independent motorcycle tour operator setup and run from the UK. Established out of a desire to provide something different to those wanting to have an adventure, tour on motorcycles and enjoy a fantastic motorcycle holiday.

Magellan’s Guided tours take you on adventures across Europe, the British Isles, North Africa and North America. The tours are about more than just the riding though, they have plenty of days off the bike schedule to immerse you in the culture of the places you travel through and with shorter days in the saddle more time to relax in the evenings or stop during the day for photos and sightsee. Customers who take a tour tend to return time and time again, making friends they stay in touch with for years to come. So what are you waiting for, book your motorcycle hire and join the Superbike Rental & Magellan Motorcycle Tour family today.


Guided motorcycle tours in destinations across the world.

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Self Guided

Self Guided motorcycle tours in destinations across the world.

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Private & Custom

Private & Custom motorcycle tours made just for your needs.

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