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About Superbike Rental

We come to work every day for you!

The success of Superbike Rental is a result of the dedication of our staff, the superior customer care and the high standards which we uphold each and every day.

We don't just "offer" the best motorcycle hire in the UK, we "guarantee" you the best motorcycle hire, best service and best coffee in the UK.

We don't just provide a motorcycle hire service; we run quality vehicles and give you great value for your money. We ensure that we give each of our customers the best possible experience, always going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure this. Don't take our word for it, we have proof of happy customers from all around the world. Check out our testimonials and find out why customers hire from us and why they come back for more!

Superbike Rental presents you with over 25 wonderful years in the rental industry. You could say that we are a well established business, hopefully offering you peace of mind and confidence that we know what we are doing! Some competitors say they have been involved with motorcycles for 20-30 years...what this actually means is that they have had a personal interest in motorbikes or owned a bike for this long!!! Important Information - We have real experience - running a fleet of over 100 motorcycles, cars, vans and trucks for 25 years plus. Yes we boast that we do know our stuff and this is why we have happy clients from all over the world.

Superbike Rental HQ is based in Essex - just 25 miles from the centre of London, ideally situated just off the M25, keeping you free from the madness of the big smoke on arrival to the UK. We are ideally situated for all major road links and are here, ready to meet your requirements, whether you are a novice, experienced rider or even a retired rider wishing to hit the road again.

We run and maintain our company on a no expense spared policy! If in any doubt....replace it (the boss loves this part as it means he can buy more NEW bikes). Everything we do is for you. We guarantee you will love everything about us. We want you to join our brigade of repeat customers, become a Super Renter where we don't have problems....we have solutions and masses of fun.

Meet the Team

Mark from Superbike

Mark is the managing director of Superbike Rental. Our Guru!! Our leader!! Haha!!

He has been interested in motorbikes since the age of 12, (bearing in mind that Mark is old, this has been for many years, in fact since 1977!) His love affair with motorcycles first started with models like the Honda CB 500 Four, CB 750 and the original (naked) Goldwing. He loves riding different bikes, especially whatever happens to be the latest must have! Always fascinated in the latest technology, however still appreciates the old classics.

Mark has an extended wealth of experience, not just in operating a large fleet of motorcycles but from his two wheeled travels. He has ticked off many destinations including; England, Scotland, Wales, Austria, France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Cuba, India, Africa, USA and South America. Seeing the world on a bike is what it's all about, well that's his story and he is sticking to it........

Mark is an advanced rider, trained by RoSPA to a Gold Standard. This is enhanced by regular advanced training at every opportunity, on road, off road and on track. In his spare time he is always active and out seeing new and different things and places to be, always throwing his leg over some sort of motorcycle somewhere, where ever that may be.

Trina from Superbike

Trina is the Joker in the office! Always looking for a laugh! She has been with the company for 23 years + and is passionate about customer satisfaction. She will always go above and beyond to ensure her clients are super happy with everything, including her coffee as she feels she makes the best cup in town! Loves riding out as a pillion and is aiming for Route 66 in the near future. Mad about animals….especially Sid.

Brian from Superbike

Brian is never far from a packet of sweets and a Pepsi Max! He joined the team in 2003 and combines his years of experience, with the dedication to deliver the highest quality service. His attention to detail is outstanding, but drives the staff mad as everything has to be just so! His love of cars, bikes and trucks from an early age continues to this day in his interests inside and outside of work. Brian also is club secretary of Clio Sport so even on his days off you can’t keep him away from wheels and petrol.

Jack from Superbike

Jack the lad….Total 2 wheeled fanatic. Jack started his love of bikes at the tender age of 3. Jack often heads out with Mark on various adventures, on road, off road and track days. He has been on Motorcycle Tours in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and his best trip so far was touring India. Fast and Furious Jack claims he is faster on the track than Mark!!!

Jack has been part of the team for 14 years, he started as car washer when he was 10 and now puts his hand to anything here.

Kevin from Superbike

Kev is the newest member of the team and has been chief valeter here since 2016. We are known for having exceptionally clean and tidy bikes, this is down to super friendly Kev who is obsessed with motorcycles and worked with them for 30 years. Tip…don’t start him talking, there’s always plenty of bikes to clean.

Sid the Dog from Superbike

Well what can we say about Sid? He has been the office guard dog for 14 years! He is a “Legend” in his own right. Everyone knows and loves Sid and customers pop in just to see him. Also a lover of bikes, he can sense a Ducati 999 when its 5 minutes away…..Top Dog!

+44(0) 1277 366 602