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We are super excited to announce we now have a confirmed delivery date for our new Ducati Panigale V4

V4 revolution

The Panigale V4 replaces the iconic 1299 at the top of the Ducati supersport range, doing so by enhancing performance and ridability so that riders of all skill levels can enjoy boundless fun and excitement. The Panigale V4 has been developed in close collaboration with Ducati Corse, drawing directly on know-how and technology from the racing world to provide a road bike that is the closest thing possible to its MotoGP counterpart.

Listen to the sound of the new V4!

Be one of the first to rent this awesome machine.

Taking bookings now!

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New Motorcycles for 2018 to be added to our rental fleet

BMW R1200 GS Adventure

• BMW R1200 GS

• BMW F700 GS Rallye LS

Ducati V4s

Triumph Bonneville T100

Yamaha MT 07

Yamaha MT 07 Restricted

Avoid disappointment! don’t delay, contact us today!


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Bike must be booked and paid for before the 30th November 2017.

Rental must be taken or Gift Vouchers used before 28th February 2018. Any unused bookings or vouchers will expire and be invalid after this date.

Minimum rental period of 3 Days is required to take advantage of this offer.

Please note: Offer excludes 125cc Motorcycles

All usual terms and conditions apply, please see our website


01277 366602


Spring is here and the bike season has started so brush off your bike gear and make the most of the Egg-tended Easter weekend on two wheels. We have been very busy throughout the winter preparing our extensive motorbike Rental fleet ahead of another busy season.

Although Easter is early this year and the air temperature will be low but the Weather forecast is expected to be Sunny and dry, so wrap up turn on the heated grips and heated seat and get biking!

Egg-clusive Motorbike Rental this Easter! Rent a bike for the Easter weekend! Four days but only pay for three days. This means you can collect your bike on Thursday 24th around 3pm and return to us at 9am on Tuesday 29th. We can also delivery and collection your rental bike, just to make your weekend even better. (Charges apply)

Don’t forget to pick up your free Easter egg!


Other facts about Easter!!

The Easter Bunny

In Anglo-Saxon times the hare was an important symbol of fertility so it played a starring role in the pagan festival of Eostre. In fact Eostre was named after the Saxon goddess of spring. Legend claims that this mystical goddess found a wounded bird and turned it into a hare so it could survive the winter. When this very same hare found it could lay eggs it made a gift of its eggs to the goddess who had protected him. And so the tradition of the Easter hare, or bunny, as it became, was born.

Chocolate Easter eggs 

Eggs have long been seen as an important fertility symbol, and are associated with the ‘rebirth’ signalled by the coming of spring. When people first starting giving eggs as offerings and gifts at Easter time, they used birds’ eggs. They were painted bright colours to echo the vibrancy of the colours of spring after the darkness of winter.

Hot cross buns

The tradition of eating hot cross buns on Good Friday has its roots even further back than early Christianity. Buns marked with a cross were eaten by the Saxons during their spring celebrations – it’s believed that the bun represented the moon and the cross the moon’s quarters. Christians continued the tradition but to them the cross symbolises the Jesus’ crucifixion. 

Simnel cake

The special fruit cake eaten at Easter, known as Simnel cake, is steeped in traditional symbolism. Traditionally the cake has a layer of marzipan on top and is decorated with marzipan balls – these symbolise the disciples, though Judas is left out and only 11 balls are added to the cake.



25% OFF all Valentines Weekend Bookings

We have the largest fleet of motorcycles for rental in the UK, all immaculately prepared and ready for you to rent.

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Hire the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring

The 2014 seasons is looking even better as you can hire the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring from us here at Superbike Rental.

The four-bikes-in-one concept means you do get oodles of world beating bike so why not reserve your time to spend on the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring and hire it for a day, not long enough, then a week!, or two…!

In the meantime, if you can’t wait to hire the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring then why not hire a different bike from our excellent range from BMW to Ducati, from Honda to Suzuki.

A bit about the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring

It has a choice of four pre-set Riding Modes programmed to immediately change the engine character and the riding parameters of the Multistrada 1200. It has the Ducati Traction Control system (DTC) which uses eight levels of system interaction to enhance control by reducing wheel-spin. A unbelievable smooth ride is the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring.

If you would like more information on the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring specification, then please click here

If you would like to hire the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring then please call us here at Superbike Rental on 01277 366 602.

Added by: Mark Coventry


Superbike Brentwood

Yet more exciting times here at Superbike Rental… we’ve placed an order for the KTM 1190 Adventure – as soon as we take delivery of this outstanding superbike in 2014 you’ll be able to hire it from us first…

A bit about the KTM 1190 Adventure

It is certainly setting the standard for the whole travel sector: The chassis combines lightness with outstanding geometry and extraordinary suspension; only weighing 230kg fully tanked combine to produce a power-to-weight ratio previously unheard of in this class and therefore delivering unrivalled ride dynamics! It certainly is a pleasure to ride in all conditions from relaxed to extremely fast with 150hp!

If you would like to book some time on the KTM 1190 Adventure in 2014 then please contact us on 01277 366 602.

Added by: Mark Coventry

Superbike Brentwood

Everyone knows that you can hire a car. Most people are aware (particularly if they have moved house) that you can rent vans and lorries. However, a lot of people don’t know that you can also hire motorbikes of all shapes and sizes, ranging from scooters to superbikes, for a single day, weekend, week, month or contract basis.

Unlike cars and vans, which may be hired for a particular reason such as lack of access to your usual vehicle, transportation of goods, holidaying abroad or moving home, motorbike hire tends to be a lot more aspirational. Yes, we do have customers who need a replacement bike whilst theirs is being repaired but Superbike Rental also hires motorbikes to people from the UK and all over the world who want to experience a self-drive break or longer holiday. Other customers rent our bikes to then travel to various iconic rallies and races, such as superbike racing, Grand Prix road races, British Supersport Championships and the Isle of Man TT.

From our convenient base in Brentwood, Essex, our motorcycles can be hired to ride in the UK and Europe* and all hire prices include fully comprehensive insurance and VAT. If you do opt for a European touring holiday, Superbike Rental can arrange European insurance, breakdown cover and any other legal necessities on your behalf.

Our bikes come with various minimum hire ages, which depend on the motorbike you choose. For example, our learner legal bikes can be hired by riders aged 17 and over, whereas our selection of superbikes are restricted to over 25s and in some cases, over 30s.

Superbike Rental has a wide range of motorbikes in a variety of classes:

Adventure touring motorcycles
Touring motorcycles 
Street bikes
Cruiser motorbikes
Restricted motorcycles
Learner legal motorcycles 

We are proud to stock some of the world’s finest and most popular motorbikes, including the BMW S1000RR HP Carbon, the Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade and the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Granturismo. We even have a Harley Davidson XL 883 Sportster if you are looking for a truly iconic ride!

Our entire fleet are exceptionally well maintained and we will take care of cleaning, maintenance, servicing, road tax and insurance.

Here at Superbike Rental, we are proud to be ‘setting the standard for others to follow’. For more information about motorbike hire, please call the team on 01277 366 602.

*Please note that you must inform Superbike Rental if you are planning on taking your chosen bike abroad for insurance and other legal purposes.
Superbike Brentwood

If you are a keen motorcyclist, you will be well aware of the many varieties of motorbikes on the market. But if you’re pretty new to the motorcycling world, you may be shocked to learn that not all bikes are the same; there are actually seven widely recognised categories, which are:

  • Sport 
  • Touring
  • Standard Street Bikes
  • Dual Purpose
  • Cruiser
  • Dirt Bike
  • Scooters, Mopeds and Underbones

With the name ‘Superbike Rental’, it will come as no surprise to learn that we don’t stock scooters or mopeds! However, we do have a large fleet of powerful, well-maintained motorcycles to suit all needs and personalities.


Designed for those who want to venture further afield, Tourers are specifically designed to chew up the miles in total comfort. With bigger engines, larger fuel tanks and as much storage space as is possible, they are ideal for travelling across counties, countries and continents.

Superbike Rental’s Tourer range includes the BMW R 1200 RT SE (2013), the Honda VFR 1200F (2013) and the Suzuki Bandit 650 SA (2009).

Adventure Tourer

As traditional Tourers, Adventure Tourers are generally larger than standard motorcycles with accessories such as luggage, comfortable seats and heated grips. However, Adventure Tourers are designed to have some off-road capabilities and are usually taller, with skinnier tyres with more aggressive treads.

Superbike Rental has a wide range of Adventure Touring motorbikes available to hire, such as:


A sportsbike is focused on speed, acceleration, braking and cornering, usually at the expensive of fuel economy and comfort. Almost indistinguishable from racing motorcycles, sportsbikes are all about the speed and the thrill.

Here at Superbike Rental, we understand that ‘need for speed’ but we are also very stringent in ensuring the safety of both the rider and the bike. We have a wide range of sportsbikes available to hire, including the Ducati Evo Corse SE, the Yamaha YZF 600 – R6 and the Honda CBR 600 RR.

Street Bikes

It’s simple – a street bike is a motorcycle that has is designed – and permitted – to be ridden on public roads, as opposed to off-road bikes. It features good speed, a comfortable ride and durability, and is a great entry-level option for novice riders.

Superbike Rental currently stocks three street bikes:


Derived from standard production street bikes, superbikes are quick and powerful, with as much as 200bhp. They are optimised to feature extreme acceleration, aggressive braking and unthinkable cornering. Two of our most popular superbikes are the BMW S1000RR HP4 Carbon and the Ducati 1199s Panigale, which produces a claimed 195bhp yet has switchable modes to reduce the brake horse power in wet and other dangerous conditions.


Think of ‘Easy Rider’ and you’ll think of a Cruiser; motorcycles that emulate the design of American motorbikes manufactured from the 1930s to the 1960s, such as the iconic Harley Davidson. If you want to channel Dennis Hopper in the middle of Essex, why not contact Superbike Rental to book our Harley Davidson XL 883 Sportster?


Superbike Brentwood

Owner of Superbike Rental and a keen motorcyclist for more than 30 years, Mark Coventry knows what he’s talking about when it comes to motorbikes! He shares his hints and tips of the five motorcycle gadgets and must-haves he wouldn’t leave home without.

1. Waterproof gear

Like it or not, the UK is not known for its good weather! The last thing you want is to be on the road when the heavens open without your rainwear as you’re going to have a very wet and cold trip.

You can get separate motorbike waterproof jackets, trousers, gloves, boots and all-in-ones so take a bit of time to determine what works best for you. Prices and quality vary massively but I would say that if you are only an occasional rider there is no point in spending a lot on a waterproof wetsuit as you won’t get much use out of it. In the same way, if you use rainwear on a frequent basis, you will want to invest more and avoid the poorer quality gear that can stretch and split after a lot of use.

2. Sat Nav

Specifically designed for two wheels, motorcycle sat navs come with all the usual gadgetry you would expect from a standard car sat nav, plus many other features, such as lane assist, sunlight readable displays, rugged, waterproof cases, handsfree bluetooth connectivity and voice prompts and a special motorcycle mount.

3. Map

Yes, you might have a sat nav but for me, an old-fashioned map is also a must! Sat navs are great for getting from A to B but their limited screens mean that you won’t get a full perspective of the area you are travelling through.

By having a map to hand, I can explore the area and get a full impression of where I am and any places of interest nearby. It becomes less of a journey and more of an adventure.

4. Credit card

An obvious one but it goes without saying that even if you’re only planning on riding your motorbike for an hour or so, problems can arise and being left stranded with no money available is not a good idea. I can’t stand having pockets full of change so I never leave the house without my credit or debit card.

5. Essential documents

The beauty of a motorbike is its freedom. When you’re riding it’s just you and the open road. Yet you do still need to make sure that you have those travel documents close to hand if you do decide to head off on a last minute adventure!

Passport, insurance, breakdown cover… Superbike Rental manages much of this on behalf of our clients as part of our service but there are a lot of motorcycle rental companies that will assume that you will be sorting out your own documents. Don’t put yourself at risk – either physically or legally. Make sure you have all of those i’s dotted and the t’s crossed before you set off.

Superbike Brentwood

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