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Yet more exciting times here at Superbike Rental… we’ve placed an order for the KTM 1190 Adventure – as soon as we take delivery of this outstanding superbike in 2014 you’ll be able to hire it from us first…

A bit about the KTM 1190 Adventure

It is certainly setting the standard for the whole travel sector: The chassis combines lightness with outstanding geometry and extraordinary suspension; only weighing 230kg fully tanked combine to produce a power-to-weight ratio previously unheard of in this class and therefore delivering unrivalled ride dynamics! It certainly is a pleasure to ride in all conditions from relaxed to extremely fast with 150hp!

If you would like to book some time on the KTM 1190 Adventure in 2014 then please contact us on 01277 366 602.

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The short answer is yes – however, it stands to reason that the types of motorbikes you are able to hire with only a provisional driving licence and Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate.

The route to a full motorcycle licence is somewhat convoluted. You will begin with a motorcycle 75 – 125cc (Provisional Cat A1) driving licence, which is available for those aged 17 years and over, and valid until your 70th birthday. From there you will have to take your CBT, which is valid for two years and means that you are legally allowed to ride a learner motorcycle up to 125cc, displaying L plates. You are also not allowed to carry a pillion passenger.

The next step is to take your motorcycle theory test; once passed you have two years to pass practical test Module 1 – which consists of off-road specified manoeuvres – and Module 2, which comprises road riding, safety questions and an eyesight test. Once you have passed both modules you qualify for a full CAT A1 motorcycle licence, which allows you to ride a motorcycle of up to 125cc. If you are under 25 at the time of passing your test, your licence will convert into a full Cat A unlimited licence after two years.

However, if you are over 25, you can immediately undertake a Direct Access Scheme (DAS), which once passed, enables you to ride a motorbike that exceeds 46.6bhp.

Why would I want to hire a motorcycle when I only have a learners permit?

For many people, a rider training centre is ideal; access to motorcycles, ongoing instruction, regular sessions. However, for others, it may not always suit, usually due to time constraints, or you may have already had a decent amount of instruction but want a little more time on your own to build skills and confidence on a motorcycle.

By hiring a learner legal motorbike from Superbike Rental, you can simply hire and practice, safe in the knowledge that the bike you’re using is the best possible quality, thoroughly maintained and comes complete with fully comprehensive insurance.

In addition, if you are planning on going on a Direct Access Scheme soon after you acquire your provisional and CBT, the last thing you want is to have to purchase a 125cc to practice on – the chances are that you will be hankering for a much more powerful motorbike once you have completed your DAS. With Superbike Rental you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the flexibility and convenience of access to a 125cc motorcycle as and when you need it, without having to actually buy anything!

Here at Superbike Rental, we have three excellent learner legal motorcycle models to choose from: hp

Honda CBF 125 
Suzuki DR 125 
Yamaha YBR 125 

As with all of our vehicles, our learner legal motorbikes come with everything you need – fully comprehensive insurance, tax and the highest standards of maintenance, servicing and cleaning.

For further details about our fleet of learner legal motorcycles, please call Superbike Rental on 01277 366 602.

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We’re all excited here at Superbike Rental as we’re one of the first motorcycle hire companies to have placed an order for the Ducati 899 Panigale – it will be available to hire in the 2014 season…

Superbike Rental Ducati 899 Panigale (2014) Page

If adrenalin rush is your thing, then now’s the time to reserve your time to spend on the 148-horsepower 899 Panigale and hire it for a day, not long enough, then a week, or two!

We have an excellent range of motorcycles available to hire here from Ducati to BMW, from Honda to Suzuki.

A bit about the Ducati 899 Panigale

As standard it comes with Ducati Quick Shift and ABS, it has the revolutionary technology which the Monoscocca frame has and it has a Superquadro engine, along with 148 HP. The 899 Panigale has been carefully designed, with rider-friendly features, like increased seat cushioning and shorter final drive gearing for enhanced mid-range rideability, the new model achieves a successful mix of authentic Italian performance with everyday usability, offering the very best of both worlds in absolute style.

The extremely compact monocoque construction integrates the airbox to become one of the key elements in reducing the overall dry weight to an impressive of 169kg (372.5lb)

If you would like more information on the Ducati 899 Panigale’s specification, then please click here.

If you would like to book your time with the Ducati 899 Panigale then please contact us on 01277 366 602.

The above image of the Ducati 899 Panigale is courtesy of Ducati.

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Just as you would expect to try out a car before you spent thousands, it makes sense that you would want to test drive a motorcycle before handing over your hard-earned money or signing that finance form. After all, it is highly likely that you are going to be spending hours at a time on your motorbike, so you will want to make sure that it suits your needs, be it comfort, power, speed, style or economy.

However, it is unfortunate that dealers of new and pre-owned motorcycles have been ‘duped’ one too many times by people who are not in fact, serious buyers and merely want the opportunity to have a free joyride. This has resulted in the majority of dealers refusing to allow anyone to take a motorbike on a test drive.

If you are planning on buying a used motorcycle, you will probably only be able to start up the motorbike outside and engage the gears. You may be lucky enough to find an independent shop that allows you to take your chosen bike out for a little while, but you will need to leave proof of insurance and a deposit. As for main dealerships, the only way you will get to ‘try before you buy’ is on their demo bikes. You will need to be aware of their minimum age requirements, as a lot of dealer insurance will only cover over 25s or over 21s, depending on the motorbike. You will also have to leave identification and your driving licence with them. If you’re lucky, you will have 30 minutes to test drive the motorcycle you like.

That’s not long enough!

As all keen riders are aware, a motorcycle is not simply a vehicle to get us from A to B. Motorbikes are a passion; the rush and the freedom is addictive and our love of them is what bonds bikers together across the world.

Plus modern motorbikes are much more than two wheels, an engine and gears; take for example the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Granturismo. With the strapline ‘ready to ride the world’ the S Granturismo embodies the touring spirit, with the Ducati Skyhook Suspension, 73-litre panniers and top case combining with the classic Multistrada to create a truly ergonomic, touring-orientated bike. It has four pre-set Riding Modes, which have been programmed to instantly change the riding parameters and engine character of the Ducati Multistrada 1200. This type of technology cannot be picked up and experienced in just 30 minutes. And with a price tag starting at £16,800, it’s certainly not a decision that can be made quickly or lightly.

So it stands to reason that you will want more time than the main dealers are willing to give you. So what is the alternative?

Why not hire a motorcycle from Superbike Rental so you can get to grips with the bike and make sure that it’s definitely the one for you? We have a massive range of Superbikes, Sportsbikes, Street Bikes, Tourers and Cruisers available to hire, whether for one, two, three, four, five days or longer. Bikes available to hire at Superbike Rental include:

Don’t risk it all on a 30 minute test drive; call Superbike Rental today and take your time…

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