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We took our three new motorcycles to France for their 600 mile running in period. We came out of the Euro Tunnel in France and made a right turn along the Coast Road from Calais heading towards Le . Great, twisty, quiet roads but – 1 degree on the ambient temperature gage!

Obviously the BMW RT 1200 with its heated grips, heated seats and electronic screen was the best bike for the weather.

The BMW 650 GS was next in line with its heated grips and touring screen.

The Ducati Monster 696 – was definitely the ‘COOLEST’ bike . . .  for more than one reason! But great fun!

Check out our price list and call for availability.

Honda VFR

Another new arrival for SuperBike Rental – the Honda VFR 1200!

Here Honda’s latest and greatest production …

What’s new

  1. Bigger fuel tank
  2. Extra low-end torque
  3. Traction control
  4. Improved comfort
  5. Updated cosmetics
  6. Uprated clocks

The VFR is a great bike, its quality and finish is typical Honda – superior! Its refinement, ergonomics and ease-of-use are perfect.

And to top it all off is the unique-sounding, flexible and, yes, fast V4.

Do we need to say any more for you to book this bike?!